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The mission of the Kutztown University Foundation and Alumni Relations is to raise funds to assist in developing and increasing educational opportunities at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania for its students, faculty, alumni and the general public.


In 2009, as the leadership of the Kutztown University Foundation began its planning activities, they created an inspirational vision statement to describe what they hoped would be the outcomes of their efforts, five years down the road in 2015.  We are proud to report that most of those hopes and dreams have come to fruition.  Here are the highlights of that 2009 vision statement and the results we have achieved:

  • As fully responsible stewards of our donors' money, we are highly focused and intentional.
  • As the development arm of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, we are operationally excellent.
  • Because we are well run, stable, transparent, accountable, forward thinking, credible and highly respected, we are sustainable for the long term.
  • Always responsive to changes in the university's priorities, we are dynamic and results oriented.
  • Our staff is competent, ethical, enthusiastic, well trained, responsive and engaged. Additionally, we are an effective community partner.
  • As a result of our strategic focus and hard work, we have $20 million in our endowment.
  • We have successfully completed our $15 million capital campaign.
  • Our alumni participation meets the average participation of our comparison group.
  • Most important, the funds we raise are transformational; they change the lives of thousands of people every year.

These results have been achieved through the hard work, passion and dedication of our staff, volunteers, alumni, generous donors and community partners.  But there is more progress to be made and much work yet to be done.  We will create a new, ambitious vision statement to guide us on the next stage of our journey.  We invite you to join us in this important work and help make the vision a reality.

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